Open Lecture by Oge Marques

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  • Wo: FH St. Pölten | Raum 1.14

Oge Marques, ACM Distinguis​hed Speaker and Professor of Computer and Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at Florida Atlantic University (FAU) (Boca Raton, Florida), gives a talk on "Using games to solve challenging multimedia problems".

IC\M/T invites all interested employees and students to this Open Lecture! Registration is not required.

Abstract „Usin​g games to solve challenging multimedia problems“​

This talk discusses how we can use human computation methods to supplement traditional content analysis techniques and assist in the solution of hard multimedia problems. 

There are many challenging problems in multimedia research for which state-of-the-art solutions fall short of performing perfectly. The realization that many of these tasks are arduous for computers yet are relatively easy for humans has inspired many researchers to approach those problems from a human computation viewpoint, using methods that include crowdsourcing and serious games. 

This lecture covers concepts, tools, technologies, best practices, human aspects, and trade-offs involved in applying crowdsourcing and gamification approaches to relevant contemporary problems in multimedia, computer vision, and related research areas.​

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