Media Summer School 2015

FH St. Pölten / Johannes Winkler

St. Pölten UAS organised a Media Summer School for students from 22 - 26 June 2015.

Students of the Master's degree in Digital Media Technologies attended the Summer School as part of the Media Technology Project 2 on their curriculum. This enabled them to combine theory and practice in a unique way.

International Workshop Leaders

Workshop leaders from Germany, Belgium and the UK joined the St. Pölten lecturers and altogether six workshops were offered, on topics such as Drawn-Digital Animation Collaboration and Natural Environments with Maya Paint Effects. Besides Anne Wilkins, who took part for the second time, Eva Potrusil from Germany and Jeroen Doggen and Tom Peeters from Belgium also held workshops.

Visitors from Antwerp

Summer School 15 Studierende aus AntwerpenMoreover, four students from the University of Antwerp participated in the week of workshops, thus pioneering the student exchange with our partner university in Antwerp. 'We are grateful to Dr Sarah Rohaert from Product Design at the University of Antwerp, for initiating this exchange', said Thiemo Kastel, International Co-ordinator in the Department of Media and Digital Technologies.

Successful Completion

The workshop content was supplemented by the viewing of films. The Media Summer School 2015 was brought to a close at a festive presentation of the animated films, audio productions and remote controls for digital cameras which had been created in the course of the week.

'The Summer School is an ideal opportunity for our Master's students to experience Internationalisation@home, and at the same time it attracts incoming students from our European partner universities,' commented Franz Fidler, Academic Director of the Master's degree in Digital Media Technologies.



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