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Health Sciences

As of March 2020, the Lower Austrian Chamber of Labour offers a new further education programme for healthcare professionals. The seminars will be held by experts from the St. Pölten UAS:

  • Emergency Skills and Competencies in Medical Diagnostics and Therapy
  • Core Nursing Competencies – Part 1, Advanced Seminar
  • Core Nursing Competencies – Part 2, Advanced Seminar

You can find the entire range of offers including registration here.

Target Group

Re-entrants – in other words, persons returning to their profession after a longer break – but also persons practising their profession and seeking to fulfil their legal further training obligation.

Participation in the seminars is free of charge for members of the Lower Austrian Chamber of Labour. Free, professional childcare is offered during seminar hours as well.


AK Noe

In cooperation with the Lower Austrian Chamber of Labour.

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