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ATE: Academic Teaching Excellence

Academic Teaching Excellence (ATE) is a training course that has been developed to help academic staff who do their teaching through the medium of English. Degree courses worldwide are increasingly being taught in English, often where neither teacher nor students are native speakers. ATE has been specifically designed to improve the overall quality of academic teaching by updating lecturers’ language skills and offering useful techniques for day-to-day teaching.
ATE has been developed in close cooperation with the University of Oxford's Department of Education, drawing on the latest research in the field of English as the medium of instruction.

Next course: September 7 - 11, 2015

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Proofreading and Translation Service

English language courses for UAS faculty and staff

Office English, English Conversation Course

Language Coaching for Faculty

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FH-Prof. Dr. Dawn Grace Kremslehner-Haas

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Department Rail Technology & Mobility

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