Audio Mostly

Audio Mostly is an interdisciplinary conference on the design and experience of interaction with sound that prides itself on embracing applied theory and reflective practice.

What you hear is what you see? Perspectives on modalities in sound and music interaction

With this year's conference theme, we intend to inspire new thoughts on how auditory perception relates to other senses. What can we rely on? What can we trust? Where does our perception trick us? How can we as researchers, designers and musicians harness these phenomena for our purposes?​

Programme and Registration

You can register for Audio Mostly right here. Detailed information can be found on our website.



We strive to make this event as sustainable as possible. If you can, please support our effort by choosing climate-friendly means of transport (train, bus, car sharing) for visiting us. Further information on reaching us by climate-friendly means can be found here.

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FH-Prof. Dr. Iber Michael

FH-Prof. Dr. Michael Iber

Lecturer International Coordinator Department of Media and Digital Technologies
Dipl.-Ing. Enge Kajetan, BSc

Dipl.-Ing. Kajetan Enge, BSc

Junior Researcher
Media Computing Research Group
Institute of Creative\Media/Technologies
Department of Media and Digital Technologies