E³UDRES² Forum 2023

The E³UDRES² European University Alliance, uniting nine higher education institutions from all over Europe, is celebrating its third anniversary in Autumn 2023. This marks a perfect occasion to reflect on the considerable accomplishments the network has achieved, and also look ahead into a bright joint future. Let's connect universities and regions and celebrate the journey full of lasting connections, innovative ideas, and fond memories!

The E³UDRES² Forum 2023, the first edition of a new, reoccurring event series, aims to present the alliance's capacity and achievements with a focus on the effects brought by this European strategic partnership, discuss future plans and activities, and take a look at current developments in higher education and beyond.

Further details can be found on the E³UDRES² Homepage.

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Mauthner Ramona, BA

Ramona Mauthner, BA

Visual Design and Communications Management E³UDRES²
Executive Officers