International Week 2022

Staff from our cooperation partners in higher education and industry are invited to take part and hold lectures on the topics of the International Week.

The International Week is organised jointly by five academic departments:

  • Digital Business and Innovation
  • Media and Digital Technologies
  • Health Sciences
  • Rail Technology and Mobility
  • Social Sciences

In addition to the programme offered by the individual departments, the Office for International Relations organises the Go International! Day

Programme & Registration

For further information on the programme and registration please visit



We strive to make this event as sustainable as possible. If you can, please support our effort by choosing climate-friendly means of transport (train, bus, car sharing) for visiting us. Further information on reaching us by climate-friendly means can be found here.

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Grötzl Claudia

Claudia Grötzl

Staff Mobility Coordinator Incoming and Outgoing Service Unit Assistant
Office for International Relations