Physiotherapy student wins Europass photo contest

The winning photo of Maria Zamostny

Maria Zamostny is happy about the first place in the Europass Photo Competition of the Austrian Exchange Service

Maria Zamostny, in the meanwhile an alumni of the bachelor programme Physiotherapy, won the first place at the Europass photo contest of the Austrian Exchange Service (OeAD). She won a travel voucher worth EUR 400. Altogether 74 photos were handed in at the contest and Ms Zamostny’s snapshot convinced the jury.

Ms Zamostny spent an Erasmus semester during the Summer Term 2019 at the Instituto Politécnico do Porto in Portugal. She did a clinical placement in two hospitals. Her host institution found the work placements for her and supervised her during the stay.

Watch video of the award ceremony

The allocation of the award was part of the event series ‘Europass macht transparent (= Europass makes transparent)’ in the house of the European Union in Vienna. The topic of the event was ‘Free Access to the European Workplace’.

Apart from speakers and guests of the event, the 20 top-ranked participants of the contest were invited. The winners were announced during the event.

‘It was a great moment when my photo appeared on the screen. I did not expect to win the contest and accordingly, my speech was very spontaneous.’, says Maria Zamostny about this happy and surprising moment. 

Congratulations to this great success!


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Mag. Mag. Lohner Daniela

Mag. Mag. Daniela Lohner

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