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Studying in the "E-Health Country"

As a pioneer, Markus Bertl a student in the interdisciplinary Master programme Digital Healthcare completed a semester abroad at the TalTech.

Studying in the "E-Health Country"
Markus Bertl in Estland
Copyright: Markus Bertl

Digital-Healthcare student Markus Bertl spent the winter semester 2018/19 as a visiting student in Estonia. In an interview he spoke about his motivations and experiences.

Why did you decide to spend a semester abroad? And why at the Tallinn University of Technology? 

Bertl: A semester abroad offers the opportunity to get to know other cultures and perspectives as well as new people and their approaches and problems. The decision to study at TalTech was not difficult. Estonia is known internationally as "E-Health Country". Things such as delivery robots, electronic signatures, e-voting or national-health records, genome databases, telemedicine in hospitals as well as in rescue services and intelligent clinical-decision-support systems are commonplace in Estonia. A company can be set up in just a few hours completely online and from anywhere in the world. Many of the developers of these innovative systems teach at the university, which gives students the opportunity to learn from experts with real-world experience.

How did you benefit from studying abroad?

Bertl: The semester at TalTech enabled me to study in an international, interdisciplinary environment. I was able to get a different perspective on the topic "Digital Healthcare" in addition to the training at St. Pölten UAS and to attend lectures by recognised luminaries from different fields, who also offer a lot of individual guidance.

What differences to St. Pölten UAS were apparent?

Bertl: The biggest difference I felt to be the high focus on scientific work at TalTech. It was striking that in addition to an intensive study of the literature, practical applications of the acquired knowledge are not neglected. For example, there are internships in hospitals that provide an experience of real-world processes. The extensive range of courses in the e-health and e-governance environment also makes it possible to further develop one's own individual interests, and the teachers quite willing to integrate students into their research projects. 

What three tips would you give to other students in relation to a semester abroad?


  1. Timely planning is a must! When university, job, learning agreement, accommodation and flight are taken care of, nothing stands in the way.
  2. Use the opportunity to make international contacts with professors, companies and students.
  3. When choosing lectures consider which ones ideally complement your studies, and in order to look outside of the box also have the courage to attend lectures that do not fit directly into your actual curriculum. 

Studying Digital Healthcare

In the Master programme Digital Healthcare at St. Pölten UAS, health and technology experts are learning methods and technical tools to design and develop concrete solutions for prevention, diagnostics, therapy and care. At the heart of this are practical benefits for patients, their relatives and above all, health professionals. 

More information at: www.fhstp.ac.at/mdh.