Our focus

Current topics


Multi-scale simulation enables modelling of several (physical) orders of magnitude – for instance, all the way from the atomic structure of a material (such as wood, steel, glass or magnetic materials) right up to its behaviour in practice.


  • Optimising wood finger joints
  • Optimising the chemical composition and sizing of fire-resistant glass 

Sustainable development

The goals of research projects in this field include reducing consumption of energy or resources.


  • Green IT: reducing energy consumption and in turn optimising carbon footprints by means of virtualising and consolidating IT infrastructure.
  • Green cars: optimising the chemical composition of magnets for electric engines and power generation in hybrid cars


Well-being and improving quality of life are the primary goals of our society. Physical well-being and a healthy diet have a significant part to play in this respect.


  • Predictive physiotherapy: optimising simulated courses of therapy used to plan training for people with posture problems, as a means of supporting therapy.

Sensor technology

Research in this area has led to the development of sensors that build a self-organising network by means of pheromone-based routing algorithms.


  • Consideration of various agricultural parameters, such as soil moisture to control watering, temperature measurement in vineyards to determine the optimum harvesting time for late-harvest wines such as ice wine, and measuring pH values for the purpose of fertilisation management.