Our focus

Current topics


Multi-scale simulation enables the simulation of several (physical) orders of magnitude – e.g. from the atomic structure of the material (e.g. wood, steel, glass or magnetic material) up to the behaviour of the material in practice.


  • Optimization of wooden finger jointings
  • Optimization of the chemical composition and sizing of fire-resistant glass 

Sustainable Development

The focus in this area lies on the sustainability of developments.  The research projects aim for example to reducing the consumption of energy or resources.


  • Green IT - Reduction of energy consumption and thus optimization of the “CO2 footprint“ by virtualization and consolidation of IT infrastructure
  • Green Cars – Optimization of the chemical composition of magnets for electric engines and power generation in hybrid cars (link)


Wellbeing and the improvement of quality of life are the primary goals of our society. Physical wellbeing and a healthy diet have a significant contribution to make.


  • Predictive physiotherapy – Optimization of simulated courses of therapy for the planning of training for people with posture problems as a supporting measure in therapy

Sensor technology

In the course of this focal point, sensors have been developed that build up a self-organizing network by means of “pheromone based routing” algorithms.


  • Consideration of various agricultural parameters, e.g. soil moisture to govern watering, or measurement of the temperature in vineyards to determine the optimum harvesting time for late wines or measuring the pH to control fertilization.