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Research Topics

Community-related skills

We perform basic and applied research, as well as carrying out contract research and implementing consulting projects. Our academic and industry network includes highly specialised regional SMEs, as well as global industrial players and top-ranked international universities.

Our R&D projects cover all aspects of design science research, a problem-solving approach involving the systematic analysis, design, creation and evaluation of digital artefacts. Unlike empirical research, it is not restricted to description, explanation and prediction. Instead, it aims to change the world, improve it and create new worlds. This includes developing novel artefacts, and generating knowledge about them and their use, sphere of application and impact. We create digital artefacts to fulfil people’s needs and desires, overcome their problems and take advantage of new opportunities.

Our portfolio of services includes


State of the Art Research in Science & Technology | Domain and Problem Analysis | Design Analysis | Feasibility Studies


Concept- and Method Development | Algorithm Design | Design of Media Workflows

Prototyping & Production

Implementation of Software Prototypes | Development of Hardware Prototypes | Media Production


Comparative Evaluations | Usability Studies & User Testing | Controlled Experiments (qualitative & quantitative) | Field Studies

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Institute of Creative\Media/Technologies