According to a wide-ranging German study, attacks on IT and telecommunications systems represent the most significant current and future threat to the economy. Public life and businesses would grind to a halt without fully functioning public IT. However, modern-day IT infrastructure is vulnerable and the number of attacks is steadily increasing. This means security deficiencies have to be identified and comprehensively eliminated.

St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences is responding to this problem by means of the Institute of IT Security Research – the only research centre of its kind in Austria. The institute carries out research into and develops a set of safe and efficient tools for practical application in:

  • IT security measures,
  • process and
  • solutions.

It is important that findings can be rapidly applied in the shape of practical products and solutions. This is the task of the institute’s staff, who have extensive private-sector experience, and the head of research.

External partnerships

In addition to research projects, the institute carries out ongoing projects with companies and public authorities to put findings into practice. The Company Advisory Board, which comprises 20 businesses, supports these activities.

Options for collaboration include

  • sponsored R&D projects,
  • commissioned R&D, consultation and economic projects,
  • student projects, bachelor and diploma theses,
  • student involvement at companies during internships

Cooperation with teaching

The Institute of IT Security Research works closely with lecturers on the IT Security (bachelor) and Information Security (master) degree programmes. These links ensure that the majority of staff members take part in both teaching and research, and that students can easily become involved in research activities. In collaboration with the institute, both degree programmes provide outstanding university-level training with a strong practical focus.