St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences


According to a large-scale German study, attacks on IT and telecommunications represent the most significant threats to the economy, both now and in the future. In particular, the quality and complexity of attacks on IT and targeted attacks of competitors are increasing and are especially dangerous for businesses and public bodies.

The Institute of IT Security Research has very close ties to the private sector and to public institutions. It is tackling the problems by focusing on the topics of biometrics, privacy, traffic and systems analysis and security metrics.

The Institute focuses on applied research and development, generally leading to prototypes. It is very important that the results can be rapidly implemented in products and solutions suitable for practical use. This is ensured by the length of time the Head of the Institute and the Institute’s staff have spent in the private sector.

The Institute is currently working on three large research projects - StegIT, FaceMOC and the chip card for senior citizens - and a large number of smaller projects.

Apart from the research projects, the team is constantly undertaking projects to implement the results of its theoretical work. In addition, our students regularly have the possibility to expand their knowledge and their abilities in actual projects during their education, which complements the courses they take. Together with motivated students, the Institute of IT Security Research has a number of interesting and successful collaborations with clients from within Austrian and abroad.

Collaborations with business may take the form of student projects or Bachelor theses or they may be performed in the research workshop for Master students or as joint research projects.


The Institute of IT Security Research has expertise in the following areas:

  • Teaching
    in the courses IT Security, Information Security and Telecommunications and Media
  • Drafting, researching and developing
    of biometric systems, particularly relating to face recognition
  • Drafting, researching, developing and testing
    of cyptographic and steganographic systems
  • Training Centre for
    the company Cisco in the field of networking and security (the first Cisco Networking Academy in Austria)
    the company phion AG (phion Academy Programme)
  • Design of the IT Infrastructure, paying particular attention to
    traffic engineering
    quality of service
    redundancy and load balancing
    network security
  • Security analysis
    penetration testing
  • Preparation of security concepts
  • Preparation of concepts /performance of tests for multimedia communications
    IP TV
    Audio over IP
  • Independent testing and preparation of scenarios for the analysis/comparison of various infrastructure products