According to a large German study, attacks on IT and telecommunications represent the most extreme current and future threats to the economy. Without functioning public IT, public life and businesses come to a halt. However, today's IT is easily vulnerable and attacks are steadily increasing. Therefore, existing security deficiencies have to be identified and comprehensively eliminated.

St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences takes this into account with the unique Austria-wide Institute of IT Security Research. The institute researches and develops an efficient and safe set of tools for practical application in:

  • IT-security measures,
  • process and
  • solutions.

It is thereby very important for the results to be quickly applied in practical products and solutions. This is guaranteed by both the institute’s head of the research as well as staff members with many years of experience in the private sector.

External Co-operation

In addition to research projects, the institute also conducts ongoing projects with companies and public authorities in order to translate results from theory into practice. The Company Advisory Board also supports these activities with 20 companies.

The co-operation possibilities include:

  • sponsored R&D projects,
  • commissioned R&D, consultation and economic projects,
  • student projects, bachelor and diploma these,
  • student collaboration in the company in the internship semester.

Co-operation with teaching

In teaching, the Institute of IT Security Research works closely with the courses in IT Security (Bachelor) and Information Security (Master). This close connection ensures that staff members are predominantly involved in teaching as well as research and that students are given easy access to the research activities. Together with the Institute, both courses of study provide an excellent practice-oriented instruction at the university level.