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Our focus

Current fields of interest

Media and communication companies

Performance and financial processes of individual media companies are the centre of this research focus. Here, the emphasis is placed on changes in the organisational structure, core competences and business models due to the use of new digital media technologies. The institute not only theoretically analyses current trends like the development of network forms in the organisation, cross media management or company ethics, but also offers companies and organisations concrete support in their strategy development.

Media and communication industries

Media and communication markets underlie specific social, political, economic and legal settings. Those settings limit the creative field of companies and thus significantly affect the market outcome. The research focus “Media and Communication Industries” addresses the media economy as industry in its entirety. The spectrum of topics ranges from the changes in the value-added structures due to digitalisation, processes of focus and globalisation to the impact of regulations on markets.

Media use, media impact, communication

A recipient-oriented view considers the users of media in their role as demanders for the products of media companies, recipients of communications and producers of their own content.  It also focuses on the behaviour patterns and the needs of media users.  Sample research questions may relate to the motivation of recipients to use particular media, the suitability of information for particular situations, the acceptance of innovative products and means of distribution, but also the impact of certain communication strategies.

In all fields of research particular attention is turned to technological changes and regulative measures. Digital technologies in communication and data processing and the globally interconnected media do not only change organisational structures and business models, but also lead to an extreme reformation of the whole media economy. This convergent change may be analysed from the perspective of companies, the industry and users. Therefore, as topic, it crosses the above mentioned research focuses. This also applies to changes in the political and regulative environment, affecting business practices, industrial structures and use.