Key focuses

Research, development and innovation are closely related to teaching. Interdisciplinary teams monitor the latest developments and carry out research into the challenges they present for society and the economy. The university is involved in a number of application-driven projects, working in collaboration with various domestic and international partners, meaning that research staff have access to up-to-the-minute, subject-specific findings.

Research focuses on the following topics:

  • Media & Digital Technologies: Media research at the Institute of Creative\Media/Technologies (IC\M/T) is carried out by the video production, audio design, media computing and mobile research teams, and projects centre on creative content and digital heritage, infotainment and edutainment, as well as smart tools and digital workflows.
  • Media & Economics: Here, the focus is on media systems in flux, new organisational forms and business models, and the effect and use of media.
  • IT & Security: Researchers concentrate on privacy, biometrics, IT forensics, industrial security, counter-forensics, security management and software security.
  • Rail Technology & Mobility: The university specialises in application-led research and development focusing on transportation and mobility.
  • Josef Ressel Center for Unified Threat Intelligence on Targeted Attacks (TARGET)
  • Health: In health research, the emphasis is on nutrition and sport in health promotion, prevention, therapy, rehabilitation and quality assurance, taking account of issues such as geriatric nutrition; consulting methodology; posture, movement and human locomotion; healthcare research; and interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary topics.
  • Social Sciences: Research projects look at social diagnostics, analysis of social environments, client inclusion, diversity, the elderly and their relatives, general questions of inclusion, and the use of new media.