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  • Projects

    The research programme CARMA will build up and sustainably position a centre for applied research on media-supported health care, with a focus on exercise and activity.

  • The Children's KNEEs Study

    The aim of the Children’s KNEEs Study is to analyze altered biomechanical movement strategies in obese children during walking and stair climbing and to develope a specific training program for them.

  • VALiD - Visual Analytics in Data-Driven Journalism

    Project aims at identifying and counteracting cyber-attacks. Strategies, security tests and a comprehensive decision support system are developped.


    The project LIVEFOR aims at enabling corporations their own research activities in the field of live-forensic and analysis of volatile data of a running computer system.

  • SmartBOX

    By the conception of an intelligent and integral approach the project smartBOX wants to revolutionize the growing needs of transport in the field of freight mobility in a time of resource scarcity.

  • SmartMeterIDS

    This project aims at improving the operational security of advanced metering infrastructures by the development of an innovative intrusion detection system tailored to the specific characteristics.

  • BaKuRo Coupling robot for shunting yards

    An introduction of automatic coupling seems unrealistic in the European railroad network. That is why it should be clarified in the course of the exploratory study BaKuRo if it is possible with today’s technologies to realize a robot-based solution for disconnecting and connecting of classical screw couplings between freight cars at marshalling yards.

  • Open your eyes! Seeing through a kid's eyes

    Open your eyes, sensitisation for the perception of the ‘weakest’ road users and research in the field of road safety.

  • GAIT-Score II

    The goal is the development of a prototypic interactive learning software that helps students learn to perform observational clinical gate analysis.

  • TransCoding

    TransCoding is an arts-based research project conceived of by the artist and researcher Dr. Barbara Lüneburg, funded by the Austrian Science Fund FWF and located at the UAS St.Pölten.

  • NoLDE – Network of Linked Data Excellence

    The NoLDE project is bringing together publishers, technology companies and academic partners to establish new methods for enterprise data management in the publishing business.


    The project BRELOMATE aims at providing socially isolated senior citizens with all the possibilities offered by existing information services and social networks on the Internet.

  • Smartphone Security

    This research project focuses on more or less neglected topics of cyber security (IT security) concerning smartphones, tablet-PCs and BYOD (bring your own device).

  • GenSiSys

    During this project, a set of methods will be developed to evaluate gender and diversity dimensions for the ergonomics and usability of workplaces in safety-critical systems.

  • Reference budgets for social inclusion

    Reference budgets are exemplary household budgets that define the structure of the outgoings of people with low incomes, taking into account the goal of social inclusion.

  • Pitoti 3D

    In Italy, the petroglyphs were chiseled into the cliffs by prehistoric cultures. In this project, the 3D nature of the petroglyphs is investigated and documented for the first time.

  • SOS Health

    The care provided to children and young people in the youth centre “SOS Kinderdorf” (in Hinterbrühl) is addressed at helping them learn an independent and healthy lifestyle.

  • Diabetes Coach

    The goal is the development of an electronic food shopping counselor for senior citizens with type 2 diabetes mellitus, focusing on alternative products, usability for senior citizens and flexibility.

  • BewusstMobil

    The goal of this project is to use social media and games in a manner appropriate to people’s age to promote sustainable mobility behaviours and to stimulate people to reflect on their own behaviour.

  • PHD Indosow

    INDOSOW is an innovative programme which offers an opportunity for the postgraduate students to get enrolled into international study.

  • Living City

    We develop an innovative concept linking living and health care, and participative architecture, (partial) city planning, primary healthcare, housing development and community work.

  • Trading Cultures

    An ethnography of international trade fairs for television programs, music and books


    Improvement of Education and Competences in Dietetics


    Monitoring system for identification of critical ice accumulation to prevent the ballast fly induced by ice dropping. The proposed study aims to investigate the possibility of an integration of an intelligent infrastructure system for the detection of critical ice accumulation on rail vehicles.

  • Bridging gaps

    The project „bridging gaps“ involves (pre)school children in the analysis of bridge lifecycle, cost, planning, periodical inspection and maintenance by taking the age and education level into account.

  • Integrated LCA

    In infrastructure management system, decision makers are challenged with the growing demand in safety and at the same time the pressure to minimize the escalating costs of maintenance and rehabilitation.

  • AlertnessControl

    The goal of the AlertnessControl is to develop occupational psychologically relevant and technical organizational measures to enhance the attention and to warn in case demanded.

  • EntKuRo

    Goals of this project are to develop a breadboard to unscrew the coupler and the development of a breadboard for the final uncoupling.


    BRELOMATE 2 aims at creating a user friendly and inexpensive centerpiece of an information, communication and gaming platform for elderly people.

  • Intelligent Gait Analysis

    Automatic gait pattern analysis for robust classification of functional deficits.

  • Innovative catenary

    Development of flexible and adjustable catenary.

  • Substation Security

    The project aims at improving security within the automation network of power distribution systems by developing anomaly detection algorithms for the communication networks of substations.

  • Braking system for marshalling humps

    The aim of the project StilvA (Study for an innovative low-noise and low-wear braking system), is the development of new braking technologies for marshalling humps

  • Gender-sensitive multisensory rail vehicle

    The aim of the project is to develop a catalogue of requirements for a general increase in attractiveness of public transport with particular focus on gender-based design of rail vehicles. Based on analyzes of perception and preferences regarding environmental factors and comfort factors, as well as extensive surveys of passenger behavior and passenger needs and current problem areas, measures to optimize interior design for the benefit for all can be formulated.

  • DALICC – Data Licenses Clearance Center

    DALICC is a software framework that supports the automated clearance of rights thus supporting the legally secure and time-efficient reutilization of third party data sources.

  • VAST – Virtual Airspace and Tower

    New technologies for improving situation awareness in air traffic controll.

  • TerminalOnRail

    The project "TerminalOnRail" examines the feasibility of a feeder system for airports based on an already existing railway infrastructure.

  • Inside Trading Cultures

    The Top Citizen Science project "Inside Trading Cultures. A Citizen Ethnography of professional book fairs" expands the existing research project „Trading Cultures” by integrating citizen scientists.

  • VisOnFire. Understandind and visualizing workflows

    Visual Analysis of Large and Heterogeneous Scientific Workflows for Analytical Provenance. - A new visual forensic tool realizes the visualisation of data analysis workflows and helps to increase the reproduciblity of studies.

  • KAVA-Time – How man and machine analyze data

    Knowledge-Assisted Visual Analytics Methods for Time-Oriented Data. New methods will take advantage of explicit expert knowledge in the Visual Analytics process of data.

  • Regional Press Diversity in Germany and Austria

    The research project „Regional press diversity in Germany and Austria“ is a critical analysis of the economic and journalistic development of regional press in both countries from 1995 until 2005.

  • SoniControl - the first ultrasonic firewall

    The project SoniControl aims at developing an application to detect and block unwanted audio tracking on mobile devices.

  • CargoRider – A new way of traveling

    CargoRider explores travel alternatives for an open-minded audience. Is it possible to create an Interrail inspired network of cargo ships that offers flexibility and attracts young people?

  • Wearable Theatre.The art of immersive storytelling

    The artistic research project Wearable Theatre aims at exploring the narrative and dramatic potential of Virtual Reality (VR) representations and will lay the foundation for future forms of storytelling.

  • SAMBA-Smart Data for Music Business Administration

    The research project SAMBA (Smart Data for Music Business Administration) aims at exploring the economic value of social media data for the music industry.

  • CDP – Austrian Center for Digital Production

    The St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences will participate in the K1-Center CDP – Austrian Center for Digital Production. The nationwide research cooperation encourages and enables industrial enterprises to take measures and actions towards transitioning to smart product creation processes.

  • MEETeuX

    Multi-Device Ecologies Towards Elaborate User Experience discusses issues of relevance regarding interaction design and user experience design and aims at an integrated use of media technology devices such as mobile devices, multi-touch tabletops or large surfaces in multi-device ecologies.

  • Usable Privacy Box (upribox)

    The project "usable privacy box" (upribox) developes a software and creates a device that protects internet privacy and ensures data security.

  • Usable Privacy Box (upribox) 2

    The usable privacy box (upribox) is a network tool that filters ads on all connected devices such as smartphones or laptops and ultimately protects the user’s privacy. The upribox 2.0 is even easier to use and introduces new features.

  • ImmBild

    Location is key – especially when it comes to real estate value. “ImmBild” aims at developing a new method for estimating property value using computer vision of satellite data.

  • Privacy and Security in Online Advertisement

    PriSAd – the project „Privacy and Security in Online Advertisement” aims at an integral analysis of privacy and security of online advertising networks.

  • Enterprise 4.0

    The project „Enterprise 4.0” is a cooperation with the lower Austrian administration and aims at continually improving the competitiveness amongst regional companies in today’s digital age.

  • Train & Win - "FitDaheim"

    “FitDaheim” is a new training programme, based on physiotherapy and ergotherapy. The programme is supposed to promote movement within the target group of senior citizens and function as a prophylactic measure. “FitDaheim” aims at increasing the quality of life of elderly people while helping them to remain fit.

  • ImmoAge

    Year and period of construction or style have a significant influence on real estate value. Automated image analysis provides new methods to classify and evaluate real estate property.

  • ImmBild

    Location is key – especially when it comes to real estate value. “ImmBild” aims at developing a new method for estimating property value using computer vision of satellite data.