CargoRider – A new way of traveling

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CargoRider explores travel alternatives for an open-minded audience. Is it possible to create an Interrail inspired network of cargo ships that offers flexibility and attracts young people?

New possibilities for the slow and sustainable traveler

Long-distance flights are more common than ever, vacation and travel have never been more focused on exotic, far-off destinations that are usually reached by airplane. Traveling by boat has gone out of style, probably because it almost exclusively exists in the high- end segment. Huge floating 5-star hotels most certainly do not appeal to younger travelers even though they would be up for an unconventional trip and a slow and more mindful way of traveling and exploring.

CargoRider – Interrail by boat

The research project CargoRider aims to find out whether a network of cargo ships comparable to the interrail and aiming at a young target group can be conceived as a serious alternative to air travel. The network is supposed to be affordable, highly flexible and – because there would be no additional waste of resources – more sustainable than any conventional trip by airplane or cruise ship. 

Going places, sharing experiences

The project looks into the feasibility of this idea taking into account the willingness of shipping companies to cooperate and other possible obstacles. A business model will reveal first assumptions about business strategy and cost. A prototype of a web-based platform allows users to plan and book their adventure and offers help with custom and immigration regulations.  It includes target group –oriented interaction and visualization, as much as an interface, which connects to/with other public transport systems or private lifts. An additional social Media strategy is supposed to enable the traveling community to share their experiences. A user-friendly surface, easily accessible and understandable information further increase market opportunities.

The study shows that CargoRider - considering legal and technical circumstances - is a highly feasible project. It appeals to a very contemporary and attractive target group, reveals market opportunities as a niche product and attracts attention and interest by media as well as potential customers.


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