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Multi-Device Ecologies Towards Elaborate User Experience discusses issues of relevance regarding interaction design and user experience design and aims at an integrated use of media technology devices such as mobile devices, multi-touch tabletops or large surfaces in multi-device ecologies.

Interaction design today

Media technology today already offers a variety of technologies, which provide users with a direct interface. Smartphones have become omnipresent, multi-touch tabletops are well-developed and even large surfaces are installed cost-effectively in significant sizes in form of monitor walls or projections.
In semi-public spaces however, a lack of tested interaction designs and user experience concepts creates difficulty to apply those technologies in an easy, integrated and beneficial manner.

Smartphone as a source of knowledge

MEETeUX creates scenarios based on the integration of various terminal devices, and therefore shows the usage of multi-device ecologies in semi-public spaces. An important aspect of MEETeUX is the integration of the user’s terminal devices (“Bring Your Own Device”, usually smartphones) in consisting device ecologies. The usage of their own devices allows an adaption to the user’s special needs, thus improving the accessibility. In MEETeUX, selected scenarios, e.g. knowledge transfer in a museum, will be implemented and evaluated for a user centered design approach. Museums and science centers have high interest in using said technologies and are therefore an adequate example.

Two people operating at a touch screen

Project goals

Project results are general guidelines and best practice examples as well as a fully functional prototype that involves the visitor’s own device (“Bring your own device”) in existing multi-device ecologies.

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FH-Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Seidl Markus, Bakk.

FH-Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Markus Seidl, Bakk.

Head of Research Institute
Institute of Creative\Media/Technologies
Head of
Media Computing Research Group
Department of Media and Digital Technologies

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