NoLDE – Network of Linked Data Excellence

#Institute of Media Economics #National third-party funding

The NoLDE project is bringing together publishers, technology companies and academic partners to establish new methods for enterprise data management in the publishing business.

  • Project manager:
    FH-Prof. Mag. Dr. Pellegrini Tassilo
  • Project staff:
    FH-Prof. Mag. (FH) Dr. Grüblbauer Johanna
  • Partner:
    Compass-Verlag GmbH, S
    emantic Web Company GmbH
    Verlag des Österreichischen Gewerkschafts- bundes GmbH
    FH JOANNEUM Gesellschaft mbH
    „Monopol“ Medien GmbH
  • Funding:
    Austrian Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology
    Austrian Ministry for Science, Research and Economy (Austrian Research Promotion Agency)
  • Runtime:
  • Category:
    National third-party funding
  • Projectstatus:
NoLDE – Network of Linked Data Excellence

The focus is on the commercial exploitation of linked data technologies to improve production workflows and to expand the existing range of services. Work is addressing the development of novel content curation services, knowledge discovery and recommendation services and dynamic semantic publishing strategies for the automatic processing of content in German. By the end of the project, developments should include a linked data framework for content in German; improved efficiency and effectiveness of internal production processes; new products and services, and the increase of potential revenue as a result of new strategies to exploit linked data by the intelligent combination of open and closed licensing models.