SOS Health

#Institute of Health Sciences #National third-party funding

The care provided to children and young people in the youth centre “SOS Kinderdorf” (in Hinterbrühl) is addressed at helping them learn an independent and healthy lifestyle.

This project should make a sustainable  contribution to helping the organization meet its goals, based on behaviour- and condition-oriented prevention. (Proper) nutrition is an important issue, especially for girls between 14 and 18 years of age, with regard to a good appearance and a slender figure. The project is organized in a series of workshops that take place in the normal daily situation together with the young people. Meals are planned together, the shopping done together and the food cooked and finally eaten together. In this way, teenagers can be informed “along the way” about a healthy diet and learn about healthy ways to prepare food as well as experiencing good table manners at the shared mealtimes.

The workshops thus make a sustainable contribution to helping people experience the pleasure of (healthy) food.