Substation Security

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The project aims at improving security within the automation network of power distribution systems by developing anomaly detection algorithms for the communication networks of substations.

Implementing smart grid functionalities integrates information and communication technologies into substations, giving rise to a substantial risk potential through cyber attacks. To cope with these threats the project will research a specific anomaly detection system for the automation network in substations and implement it as proof-of-concept.

Project goal

Goal of the project is to improve security within the communication network of important constituents of the smart grid, the substations. Patterns of regular network behavior will be described by formal methods. These patterns will then be used to monitor network traffic during ongoing operations by automatically detecting and reporting anomalies. The result of the project will be an anomaly detection system and its proof-of-concept implementation capable of operating within the network as embedded system. Therefore, the detection system is designed to execute on systems with restricted resources.