Usable Privacy Box (upribox) 2

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The usable privacy box (upribox) is a network tool that filters ads on all connected devices such as smartphones or laptops and ultimately protects the user’s privacy. The upribox 2.0 is even easier to use and introduces new features.

The internet of things - protect your home devices

More and more consumer devices such as TVs, light bulbs, fridges etc. are connected to the internet. These interconnected “smart devices” create new challenges for the security and privacy of consumers – often devices communicate data without our knowledge. The growing popularity of smart TVs for example leads to novel privacy threats: Smart TVs for example could be passing on information about our user behavior.

Therefore the upribox is able to show devices that are currently connected to your network and how much data they consume, and to develop filter rules to stop private data leaking from your smart devices. Furthermore, it is supposed to detect and block common attacks on your Internet-connected devices.

Zero-configuration privacy feature

The latest version of the upribox software now includes a zero-configuration privacy feature. Therefore it is no longer necessary to change the WiFi settings of your devices:
Once devices are connected to a WiFi, people hesitate to change the default WiFi for another one. Now, as soon as the upribox is connected to your existing WiFi router, all devices are protected and there is no need to reconfigure devices for the upribox WiFi – the effort to start using the upribox has been reduced.

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