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Substation Security

#Institute of IT Security Research #Nationale Drittmittel #Nationales Kooperationsprojekt

The project aims at improving security within the automation network of power distribution systems by developing anomaly detection algorithms for the communication networks of substations.

#Institute of IT Security Research #Interdisciplinary project #National third-party funding #National co-operation project

Project aims at identifying and counteracting cyber-attacks. Strategies, security tests and a comprehensive decision support system are developped.


#Institute of IT Security Research #National co-operation project #National third-party funding

The project LIVEFOR aims at enabling corporations their own research activities in the field of live-forensic and analysis of volatile data of a running computer system.


#Institute of IT Security Research #National third-party funding

This project aims at improving the operational security of advanced metering infrastructures by the development of an innovative intrusion detection system tailored to the specific characteristics.

Smartphone Security

#Institute of IT Security Research #National third-party funding

This research project focuses on more or less neglected topics of cyber security (IT security) concerning smartphones, tablet-PCs and BYOD (bring your own device).

Diabetes Coach

#Institute of IT Security Research #Institute of Health Sciences #Ilse Arlt Institute for Social Inclusion Research #Social Work (MA) #Social Work (BA) #Digital Healthcare (MA) #Dietetics (BA) #Interdisciplinary project #National third-party funding

The goal is the development of an electronic food shopping counselor for senior citizens with type 2 diabetes mellitus, focusing on alternative products, usability for senior citizens and flexibility.