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Fulbright @ Computer Science & Security

Jerry Emerick, from Ferris State University, will join the Computer Science & Security Department until June

Fulbright @ Computer Science & Security
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"It is great to welcome another Fulbright Professor at the FH St. Pölten. We are already looking forward to a great cooperation and the many experiences we can share with Jerry!" says Simon Tjoa, Department Head of the Department of Computer Science & Security.

Jerry Emerick, from Ferris State University, will join the Computer Science & Security Department until June.

With Jerry Emerick, from Illinois, USA, the Master's program Cyber Security and Resilience will be enriched by a dazzling personality. He will be a great asset to us with the Application Security and Pentesting course.

We are pleased to have Jerry as another expert in teaching and research in the areas of Cloud Computing and Cloud Security, Advanced Penetration Testing, Python Programming, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Mobile Security and Software Development and Open Source Intelligence.

In addition to teaching, Jerry will also be actively supporting us at the Institute for IT Security Research. "It is always exciting to discuss research questions with our colleagues from America, whose work and approaches are a real enrichment for all of us!" tells Peter Kieseberg, Research Director of the Institute for IT Security.
"I can't wait to dive into the subject matter. So far, I'm very taken with Austria. My wife and I have already done one or two sightseeing tours and my German course, which I have been attending for some time, is also picking up speed. I'm looking forward to our time together here at the University of Applied Sciences St. Pölten!" says Jerry.

What is Fulbright?

TheFulbright program is one of the most prestigious scholarship programs in the world. It relates solely and globally to academic exchanges to and from the United States through bilateral contracts and agreements.
The exchange and networking in the areas of teaching and research is a special concern of the FH St. Pölten.

Welcome to our Team Jerry!

Interested US citizens can apply as a Fulbright-St. Pölten UAS Visiting Professor in the academic year 2024-25 until 15 September 2023. We are looking forward to your application! Further information.

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FH-Prof. Mag. Dr. Tjoa Simon

FH-Prof. Mag. Dr. Simon Tjoa

Head of Department Academic Director Cyber Security and Resilience (MA) Academic Director Information Security (MA) International Coordinator Department of Computer Science and Security
FH-Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Kieseberg Peter

FH-Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Peter Kieseberg

Head of Research Institute
Institute of IT Security Research
Lecturer Head of Josef Ressel Center for Blockchain-Technologies and Security management Department of Computer Science and Security Member of the UAS Board from 2020 to 2023