Dutch students assisting the IMPECD project

Nicole & Marlene, dutch students from HAN University of Applied Sciences

Nicole and Marlene, two students from HAN University of Applied Sciences, worked on the clinical cases for the IMPECD project.

From April until June 2016, Nicole and Marlene have been a helping hand for the IMPECD project. The first assignment for their internship was to fill in necessary information into the prepared MOOC (Massive open Online Course) platform. Additionally they created quizzes and assignments for the MOOC.

Another assignment of Nicole and Marlene was to work on a clinical case about cardiovascular diseases (CVD). The clinical cases will be used to create a virtual patient for the MOOC. This virtual patient is supposed to teach the participants of the MOOC possible ways of treatment. Participants will face a decision tree including the questions: What is the best way to treat this patient? What are alternative methods for the treatment?

Nicole and Marlene reported that the most important steps in the dietetic care process (with dietetic assessment, dietetic diagnosis intervention planning, intervention implementation and evaluation & monitoring) contain various differences between the Netherlands and Austria. They found it quite hard to confine to one solution. As a result, these two students realized the need of a standardized tool for the education of dietetic. Otherwise, the international exchange and networking will remain challenging.

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