Mariella Seel, BA, MSc

Research Assistant
Digital Technologies Research Group
Institute of Creative\Media/Technologies
Department of Media and Digital Technologies
Location D - Heinrich Schneidmadl-Straße 15
  • Media and Digital Technologies
  • Institute of Creative\Media/Technologies

Short profile

  • Since 09/2018: St. Pölten UAS – Master programme Digital Healthcare, specialisation on Healthcare Technology Assessment
  • 11/2018: Training and exam for medical devices advisers
  • 09/2015-06/2018: IMC UAS Krems – Bachelor programme Business Administration for the public health sector
  • 07/2018-11/2019: HealthCareConsulting Group - Project Assistant Pharma
  • 03-05/2019: Sciencepool Lower Austria – Junior Scientist for science communication in primary schools
  • 08/2018-08/2019: Cochrane Germany – Translator for Plain Language Summaries

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