Course Contents

Continuing education course Applied Crisis Communication

In addition to the theory and practice of crisis communication, the participants of the programme learn how to use the various communication instruments and channels in a targeted manner. They acquire knowledge on special disciplines of crisis communication such as

  • Change Communication
  • Investor Relations
  • Litigation PR
  • Public Affairs

Specialisation Offers and Practice Simulations

Several different specialisation offers allow you to choose individual focus areas. The further education programme also includes diverse practice simulations such as:

  • Social Media Exercises
  • Interview Training
  • Preparing and Holding a Press Conference
  • Fireside Chats with Experts

Real Case Simulation as Programme Finale

To conclude the further education programme, you need to successfully complete a practically relevant crisis communication and management exercise with a duration of twelve hours. The simulation takes place in real time and in line with the provisions of the National Crisis and Disaster Management (SKKM). This gives you the opportunity to prove your acquired competencies.


1st Semester

Programme Structure

This is a part-time further education programme. The courses take place either online or in the form of classroom teaching, and only on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Learning Outcomes

After completing this programme, the participants

  • are able to use available channels, instruments and tools to analyse problems and combine them to find new solutions based on their theoretical and practical crisis communication know-how.
  • have acquired a basic understanding of communication technologies, an interdisciplinary grasp of crisis management and crisis teams, and their application in times of crisis.
  • have experience in the application of their acquired knowledge from various simulated scenarios.
  • have knowledge about crisis communication and the workings of crisis teams as well as an understanding of the embedding and requirements for crisis communication.
  • are familiar with other communication disciplines such as change communication and litigation PR, which enables them to analyse problems and develop solutions.
  • understand the different aspects of crisis communication and know how to combine strategies and reflect upon them.
  • know the necessary and state-of-the-art communication techniques as well as how to apply them.