Career Prospects

Master programme Digital Media Management

The master degree programme Digital Media Management offers the best possible preparation for management positions in the field of Digital Business and for other functions in the TIME sector (telecommunication, information, media, entertainment).

The sound economic training and specialisation possibilities open additional doors for you in other digitally oriented business sectors as well:

Fields of Work and Activity

  • Innovation & Business Development
    Development of promising strategies for companies, with specialisation in the dynamic industry "media": new (digital) business and revenue models, new competition strategies involving new technologies, founding and leadership of media organizations within all media genres
  • Content & Programme Management
    Management of digital content (digital journalism, programme planning, rights trading, media production), business opportunities through data (big data), development and administration of media platforms
  • Marketing & Sales
    New digital distribution strategies, digital commerce strategies and platforms, brand management, customer experience, service oriented customer experience

Examples from professional life

Digital Business und Entrepreneurship / Content Management / Marketing

Digital media managers work in classical (publishing, print, film, TV, radio ...) as well as new (online, digital business ...) media companies but also in companies of other industries that depend on digital value creation processes and change management. They develop strategies for the efficient use of new production technologies, networking of information, customer loyalty and customer experience, the distribution of digital content as well as the financing of their media products and their data driven business. They develop new business and revenue models, procure and bundle digital content, open up new distribution channels (such as digital commerce) for this content and manage rights trading. They use media change (convergence, digitisation, economisation) as a dynamic influencing factor for their decisions. They think entrepreneurially (digital entrepreneurship) for their company and are also able to found their own media organizations (start-ups).