Course Content

Master programme Digital Media Management

In the first semester, you receive an introduction to all sub-areas of digital media management, e.g. content management, convergence management, international media markets, financing and cost management, marketing and distribution, web analytics and SEO or IT and information management.

Advanced courses (2nd to 3rd semester)

In addition to the compulsory modules, two advanced modules can be selected from three elective modules:

Marketing & Sales

In this advanced course students acquire additional knowledge in marketing and sales, with a focus on digital marketing and e-commerce. By taking into account specific markets and industries (in particular trade, including e-commerce, services and B2B) as well as the integration of cooperation partners into teaching, the application orientation of this advanced course is underlined.

Content & Programme Management

Content Management covers all areas of operational management of the digital value chain. The topics range from content procurement and rights management, through recent developments in digital media production to cross-media use via digital and non-digital channels. The focus is on the instruments of monitoring, analysis and automated management of the processes.

Innovation & Business Development

In the framework of the advanced course "Innovation & Business Development", students learn to classify concepts: such as innovation, innovation management and innovation systems and to differentiate them from other terms. Relationships between corporate management, innovation management and innovation processes are defined and the requirements and framework conditions for an innovative environment are explained. After completion of the course, the students know the subsystems of a business model and recognize typologies of models.

Practical and applied research is experienced in the third and fourth semesters. In projects, you work out methodically supported solutions for business problems, e.g. in the areas of idea management, change management, business planning or business development (in cooperation with the study programme Digital Media Technologies). The concept of entrepreneurship is solidified in interdisciplinary courses.


In the third or fourth semester there is the possibility of completing a semester abroad at one of our partner universities.

Interdisciplinary Elective Module

The iLab programme allows students to participate in an interdisciplinary and intercultural project semester with the working language being English.