Study Content

Continuing education course Applied Clinical Research in Health Sciences

This practice-oriented further education programme at the St. Pölten UAS offers excellent learning opportunities and modern research infrastructure. The curriculum‘s four focus areas of “Science and Research”, “Clinical Practice“, “Management Competencies“, and “Master Project“ provide you with the best possible preparation for a position in clinical research.

Special attention is given to the research internship, which enables you to implement the expertise you have achieved in a research project. Your master thesis, which constitutes another important part of the programme, is written in the form of a scientific article to be subsequently submitted for publication.


Curriculum Clinical Research

Educational Objectives

  • Evidence-based medicine does not only form the foundation of clinical decisions. Health professionals are increasingly required to actively contribute to clinical research in prevention, therapy and rehabilitation.
  • As a graduate, you are able to plan and conduct interdisciplinary clinical research projects and relevant work packages in light of current, regional, national and international developments.
  • Depending on your professional qualification, you can select your research project focus from the fields of health promotion, prevention, curative therapy, rehabilitation, palliative medicine, and diagnosis.