Continuing education course Youth Nutrition Mentor

Admission prerequisites

Prerequisites for admission to the course are:

  • a general university entrance qualification and a further education in the area of social work (social work, social pedagogy), or training with a focus on youth work or a subject-specific higher education entrance qualification (e.g. CPR social management),
  • at least two years of relevant professional experience in out-of-school (open) youth work,
  • a project idea in the context of out-of-school health promotion, the fundamental characteristics of which are already predefined. The practical implementation of the project must occur within the duration of the course.

In exceptional cases, in the presence of extensive relevant qualifications and experience, the need for further education in the field of social work or education with a focus on youth work can be dispensed with. The decision is the responsibility of the course instructor.

Admission procedure

After reviewing the application documents, suitable applicants will be invited to an admission interview. The awarding of the study places takes place after evaluation of performance-related criteria.


Please apply with

  • Application form
  • curriculum vitae
  • higher education entrance qualification certificate
  • university diploma or employer certificates / certificate of employment

by e-mail or by post to:

Fachhochschule St. Pölten
Mag. Claudia Winkler, BSc
Matthias-Corvinus-Str. 15
3100 St. Pölten