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Continuing education course Youth Nutrition Mentor

The certificate course is designed in three mutually supportive modules.

Module 1: Characteristics of the nutrition of young people in out-of-school youth work

Basic concepts of appropriate nutrition are conveyed, and these are addressed to the special needs of the target group of young people in out-of-school supervision. In addition, the graduates learn to convey food-related subject matter by means of target-group-specific didactic methods.

Module 2: Promotion of health care in out-of-school youth work

The biopsychosocial model of health promotion is taught with special regard to the salutogenetic aspects in out-of-school youth work. The graduates get to know the essential players and cooperation opportunities in the area of health promotion.

Module 3: Practise transfer in out-of-school youth work

Under the supervision of experts from the fields of nutrition and social work, students implement a small nutritional project in the field of health promotion. Finally, a presentation of the projects takes place followed by discussion and reflection.

The certificate course is completed through the sum of the positively passed courses together with a presentation of the finished practical project.