Course Content

Master programme Digital Healthcare

The master programme is oriented towards the methods and objectives of student-centred and problem-based learning. A large part of the educational contents is acquired in projects as the focus is on competence building.

MDH Core competencies

1 Module on digital healthcare

Project- and problem-oriented learning process in interdisciplinary groups (technical and health experts) throughout the whole documentation cycle: Generation of ideas, realisation, testing, evaluation and optimisation, documentation and returns on investment.

2 Module on research, development, innovation

Students deepen their expertise in an interdisciplinary context with a view to the generation and development of ideas, research, quantitative and qualitative analysis methods as well as in innovation processes. Moreover, the master thesis is assigned to this module.

3 and 4 Fundamentals in medical issues / healthcare technologies

Acquisition of basic knowledge in the other focal area.

5 Specialisation in healthcare technology development

Teaching of technical skills for the design and specification of technical solutions for healthcare.

6 Specialisation in healthcare technology assessment

Teaching of technical skills for the targeted evaluation of digital technologies and media in prevention, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and care.

7 Module on structures and processes in healthcare

Acquisition of knowledge on structures, processes, general frameworks, objectives in the national and European healthcare system.

8 Module on economics, law and management

Students acquire general and specialized competences in economics, law and management, costing and accounting, law in healthcare, leadership skills, quality management and medical marketing.

Blended Learning Concept

(= a combination of in-class lectures and e-learning meetings)


In-class week

Introduction into the study programme, getting to know each other, training for UAS-systems etc.

Every other week Friday 1pm - 8pm, Saturday 9am - 6 pm 
Online room

Additional courses are held via the online room (=virtual classroom) (Tuesday and Wednesday 7pm - 8.30pm)

Online platform Free scheduling on the online-platform for Digital Healthcare