Web and Mobile Development

Continuing Education Course

Websites and apps are an integral part of our digital present times: become the “director” of these applications and help shape the digital future.

This further education programme provides you with the necessary knowledge for designing and implementing web-based and mobile applications. Learn how to design applications which play a crucial role in our society: booking and reservation apps, information platforms, banking apps, location-based services and many more.

The high demand for IT specialists is in contrast with a shortage of qualified workers in the field of web and mobile development. The St. Pölten UAS – in cooperation with the VHS Horn (adult education centre) – is the first institution to offer university training in this field in the Waldviertel region. For the most part, the courses take place at the VHS Horn. 

Target Group

You have basic IT skills due to your education (e.g. secondary technical school, HTL) or your professional field and want to embed your knowledge in an academically sound education?

As a graduate of the further education programme, you have an unlimited number of possibilities in the field of mobile and web development. In addition, you gain basic knowledge in the field of general software development. The offer is also specifically aimed at companies that want to provide their employees with a well-founded IT training.

In cooperation with the VHS Horn

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