Course Content

Continuing education course European Railway Systems
  • Decision making competences in technics, operations, business, legislation and transport politics
  • Interoperable systems in railway networks
  • Controlling and timing of operational processes
  • Railway and environment
  • Sustainability in the planning and operating of railway systems
  • Infrastructure and energy supplying plants
  • International standards of railway systems, national implementation and differences
  • European transport and competition policy
  • Infrastructure Management
  • Technical and legal basic conditions of safety engineering management
  • Economics of safety engineering
  • Strategies of operative management
  • Key competences

The master course comprises a total of 120 ECTS. 24 ECTS are awarded for the completion of at least 2 years of professional experience in the railway sector.  Each of the 4 semesters of the study programme comprises 24 ECTS.

All in all, the course requires 67 days of in-class lectures in a period of 24 months.