St. Poelten University of Applied Sciences

Addiction Counselling and Prevention, MSc

Continuing Education Course

Addiction is a many-faceted problem manifesting itself in many different ways. Alcoholic disease, addiction to medicines or drugs and various eating disorders as well as addiction to intangible things all fall under the general heading of addiction. The chronic advance of the addiction process poses particular problems in the counselling, supervision and treatment of addicts. Prevention of addiction is especially becoming more and more important.

The increase in substance abuse and addiction is causing a rising need for trained people in the social, health and education systems, who in addition to being educated in medicine, psychology and social work are able to cope with the demands of addiction counselling and prevention and can introduce appropriate measures at various levels and at the earliest possible time.

The course is carried out in collaboration with the ÖAGG (Austrian Working Group on Group Therapy and Group Dynamics) and the Anton Proksch Institute.


Target group

The course addresses all people working in counselling and treatment of addicts and/or their social environment. People who already work in welfare, healthcare, and education and have to carry out reasonable prevention of addiction. These are among others social workers, educators, psychologists, teachers, healthcare personnel, probation officers, family assistants, law enforcement agencies, and many more.   

Educational options