Basic Means of Subsistence Entitlement

Continuing Education Course
  • Qualification awarded:
    certificate of attendance
  • Duration:
    2 days (16, 45-minute units)
  • Places per year:
    15 (minimum)
  • Language of instruction:
  • Course fees:
    EUR 250
  • Trainer:
    Elisabeth Weber-Schigutt
  • Location:
    St. Pölten UAS
  • To register please e-mail:

Knowledge of social security entitlements and how they can be claimed is the basis for providing ongoing social work support and for helping clients to take action and make decisions in relation to other areas. For example, an advisor who is not able tell a woman living in a violent relationship what her means of financial subsistence will be after a divorce, and what pension benefits she is entitled to, is not in a position to provide counselling on other social and emotional challenges of a divorce. In addition to receiving answers to practical questions, participants will also gain an overview of the system of basic means of subsistence entitlement in Austria and relevant recent changes in social security legislation.

Course contents

  • The system of basic means of subsistence entitlement in Austria
  • The Austrian social security system: health insurance, accident insurance, unemployment insurance, retirement pension insurance, social security legislation – 2012 amendment (rehabilitation allowance)
  • Social security benefits and means-tested minimum income
  • Assistance for people with impairment: disability allowance (provincial and national), the Behinderteneinstellungsgesetz (Disability Employment Act), benefits for carers
  • Assistance for families: child care benefit, family allowance


Elisabeth Weber-Schigutt

Qualified social worker, lawyer, registered civil rights mediator, trainer in applied psychotraumatology for counselling and social pedagogy (trauma counsellor). Lecturer at St. Pölten UAS and NÖ Landesakademie.