Recent Changes in Social Security Legislation

Continuing Education Course
  • Qualification awarded:
  • Duration:
    18 training units à 45 minutes, 2 days
  • Places per year:
    15 (at least)
  • Language of instruction:
  • Course fees:
    EUR 320
  • Trainer:
    Tom Schmid
  • Location:
    St. Pölten UAS
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In Austria, the social rights and benefits that many people are entitled to remain unclaimed because they can usually only be accessed by submitting an application, which many social services clients often fail to do. This low take-up rate is a significant factor in social inequality. Actively informing people of their entitlements is therefore a socially redistributive measure; sufficient knowledge is necessary for an effective distribution of services and resources. This training seminar is an opportunity for social workers to update their knowledge of entitlements to services and benefits so they can advise their clients more effectively.

Course contents

  • Need and demand
  • Structure of the social system (insurance, care, social security benefits)
  • Austria-wide social insurance benefits (national insurance and unemployment benefit)
  • Care (Long-term care insurance, victim compensation legislation) and social security benefits (basic pension, emergency financial assistance)
  • Statutory and voluntary services, assessment, and the court of labour and social welfare
  • Practice activities using examples of fairly complex cases