Social Work with Asylum Seekers and Convention Refugees

Continuing Education Course

St. Pölten UAS’s Department of Social Sciences is offering this short course worth 6 ECTS in response to recent developments.

It encompasses four main areas:

  • Asylum and aliens’ rights legislation, entitlements of asylum seekers and convention refugees
  • English for counselling asylum seekers and refugees
  • Systematic approaches to working with asylum seekers and convention refugees
  • Trauma and working with traumatised people

The course is taught in four blocks lasting between 1.5 and 3 days.

Course fees (payable in two instalments) are EUR 1,200. Practice placement supervisors who are currently supervising students may qualify for a discount.

Research at the Department of Social Sciences

The Ilse Arlt Institute at the St. Pölten UAS bundles and organises research and development activities of relevant subjects around the study programmes Social Sciences.

course supervisor Ulrike Rautner-Reiter, FH-Prof. DSA Mag. (FH)

"This course provides knowledge for working with asylum seekers. Specialist knowledge which will be imparted to social work practitioners in this tailored-made programme is especially required not only in legal but also in methodological issues"

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