Student Ambassador: Jonas

I'm currently on summer break, but you can write to me again directly from October and ask your questions about studying here.


Hi, I'm Jonas and I'm in my 4th semester of Creative Computing

About me… 

I never really thought I'd end up doing something related to programming, but here we are :)

The "Creative Code Labs" and the fact that the studies are very practice-oriented really convinced me about my course. As a student, you don’t just learn theory all the time, but actually get to apply your knowledge in various projects.

We learn web, mobile, and game development, mixed with design and the necessary knowledge to avoid being sued for copy-pasting after graduation ;)

If you have any questions about my course, feel free to contact me!

Last education:

Before I started my studies at the UAS, I completed my Abitur (high-school diploma) at Goethe-Gymnasium in Regensburg (Bavaria, Germany).

I come from…. 

… Regensburg, a beautiful old city in Bavaria. Currently, I live in the Campus Domus student dormitory.

Besides my study…. 

… I work, do sports, and like to play a round or two of CS (sometimes more, sometimes less relaxing).