St. Poelten University of Applied Sciences


c-tv is television for young viewers: fresh, well researched and technically high quality reports on current topics, short films of festival standard and pilot episodes of new TV formats. The entire content is produced by students of the St Pölten UAS. Under the guidance of experienced professors the students learn all the processes that are required for the development, production and presentation of a TV broadcast and undertake them independently.
c-tv is an experimental platform for new TV formats and for experiments with the medium of television. In the meantime, c-tv has been producing and broadcasting for over three years at a frequency of 45 minutes each month. Special broadcasts are developed together with certain non-profit organizations and collaboration partners. Ca. 50% of the productions are produced during various courses in the curricula Digital Media Technologies and Media Technology. The remaining 50% are made up of special productions by the c-tv production team in the optional course on Television Production (in the Media Technology curriculum).

Practical students and assistants work on editing and finalizing the material for broadcasting. Assistant positions are primarily made available to people with good knowledge of the conception and production of TV programmes. The station is always happy to receive detailed applications from students of all subjects.
The programmes are broadcast on Okto, TW1, ORF alpha and as a Webstream on