iLab – interdisciplinary Lab

Study with an interdisciplinary approach

With the Interdisciplinary Lab (iLab), St. Pölten UAS offers an innovative elective semester in which students in cross-programme teams intensively engage in a project from the idea to its concrete implementation. They learn from an interdisciplinary perspective to grapple with current social challenges or problems and attempt to find solutions. In the process, they acquire a broader perspective of the specialised discipline underlying their studies.




Target group

The iLab is aimed primarily at students and incoming students in Bachelor programmes and can generally be completed in the fifth, or in exceptional cases, in the third semester. It is designed as an elective module with 30 ECTS credits. The iLab is particularly suitable for students with a pioneering spirit who take pleasure in developing innovations and testing fresh ideas together with team members from different disciplines.

The iLab is distinguished by:

  • Work in interdisciplinary teams
  • Intensive engagement with a socially relevant topic
  • Out of the box thinking
  • Independent project work instead of “chalk and talk” lessons
  • International orientation with English as the working language


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Mayr Cornelia, BA Bakk.

Cornelia Mayr, BA Bakk.

Section Head Incoming Student Mobility
International Office