„MuK goes international – International goes MuK“

Facebook group for the study programme Media and Communications Consulting connects international lectors with guest from the International Week.

From 23rd to 25th November, 2015 the International Week for the study programme Media and Communications Consulting took place at the St.Pölten University of Applied Sciences for the third time. International guest speakers and students from partner universities were invited to present their country’s media landscape. Knowledge of the media landscape is a prerequisite for the conception of PR and advertising campaigns. As in previous years, event organisers were Helmut Kammerzelt, head of the study programme Media and Communications Consulting, and Johanna Rakaseder, coordinator for international relations at the department of Media and Economics.

The recently established Facebook group „Muk goes international – International goes Muk“ maintains a dialogue between the guest speakers and paves the way for future projects.

A new facebook group as a networking platform

The group offers former, current and prospective lecturers from the International Week the possibility to network and regularly exchange information on current topics and happenings. In this way, the experts can work on new ideas for the upcoming International Week as well as on trans-national projects.

“The exchange with international lecturers is an exciting experience for me. You get new insights on the respective media landscapes, take those specific aspects into account and apply them to your own projects. I hope that this group offers a lot of interesting input for upcoming projects”, says Helmut Kammerzelt.

Review: This was the third International Week

The International Week offered a varied programme to our students: Dagmar Unz from Germany took a closer look at the historical influences on the German media landscape and the expected future development of print media. Jake Batsell from the Southern Methodist University in Texas, US talked about the special role of digital media and social networks in the American advertising industry as well as the challenges for advertisers and media.

Sven Packmohr pointed out the special characteristics of Scandinavia and the media industry in a three-country comparison. Additionally, Noora Luthanen presented the number and reach of the various media in Finland. Jeroen De Vuyst explained the complexity of the political system in Belgium and its links to organisations within the media industry. Marc Kenis talked about special features of the Belgian media system, due to the high number of different languages within the country.

The symposium concluded with a talk by Stan McDaniel Mann, who discussed multilingualism in Spain and reported on traditions, values and eating habits of the Spanish culture und its influence on media consumption.

A successful ending

The third International Week concluded with presentations by incoming students about the media landscape of their country of origin. The presentations provided interesting insights on the student’s cultures and their effects on media.

In the course of the subsequent workshops, the students were able to link new insights with already existing know-how and apply it in a practical manner.

„I am very happy that the students liked the International Week 2015. This is also very motivating for me to further develop the programme and to continuously create new incentives. By integrating the students at our partner universities and our incoming students we were able to further strengthen our international relations”, reported Johanna Rakaseder on the successful event.

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