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A Good Career Start

Second place in the Universum Survey 2016 for the Alumni and Career Centre at St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences

A Good Career Start
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The consulting firm Universum asks students worldwide each year about the perception of their universities and their career expectations. In the current survey, St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences found its place among Austria's top technical colleges and universities and took second place in the category of "Best Career Service 2016". Students of St. Pölten UAS are more than satisfied with their university and would recommend it.

Excellent career service

Nearly 12.500 students at 30 Austrian universities and technical colleges (including 270 from St. Pölten UAS), have reported again this year to the Universum Talent Survey about their career expectations and the perception of their universities. In the category "Best Career Service", St. Pölten UAS students gave their university 7.5 out of ten possible points: the second best value among participating technical colleges (overall average: 6.4) and better than the values of all universities.

"St. Pölten UAS offers several formats and services to assist students and alumni in planning their professional careers. The results of the survey show that we are on the right track and are providing students with a valuable service. With our formats students can make contacts with future employers while studying and thereby both sides benefit", said Michaela Lechner, Head of the Alumni and Career Centre at St. Pölten UAS.

"The results of this study are in line with a number of assessments of several university rankings in which St. Pölten UAS was also found to be in the leading group. Such survey results confirm the high quality of education and service at St. Pölten UAS and the attractiveness of our university", added UAS Executive Director Gernot Kohl.

St. Pölten UAS: is recommended

In the other categories of this year's Universum Survey, students of St. Pölten UAS also evaluated their university as well above average. In the category "Most Satisfied Students", which surveyed student satisfaction, St. Pölten UAS reached 8.1 out of 10 points (with an average for all universities of 7.3). The image of the university, campus life, employability and career opportunities as well as the quality and practical relevance of the training offer were assessed. Motivation for the recommendation was the high quality of the university. On the question of whether they would recommend their university, St. Pölten UAS received from its students 8.3 out of ten points (average for all universities: 7.7).

If they had it to do over, students of St. Pölten UAS would once again decide for their university: 92 percent of the students would again choose St. Pölten UAS if they had to begin their studies again, (average for all universities: 86 percent). The results in all three categories were not only higher than the average of all universities, St. Pölten UAS also improved their own values from the previous year in each category