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Business year 2016: UAS shows a positive balance

Anniversary year brings continual growth, new educational portfolio and strengthening of research

Business year 2016: UAS shows a positive balance
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St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences can look back on a very successful year 2016. Growing revenues, a steady increase in students and employees, a new and innovative educational portfolio, the strengthening of research and many other milestones contributed to a gratifying overall development in its 20th year of existence.

The plans for expansion of the "UAS-Campus of the Future" were further advanced and concretised. The recently published annual report on the year 2016 provides an overview of current developments.

The future innovatively designed

Since its founding in 1996, St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences has developed into a major educational and research institution in Lower Austria. This successful path of growth was also continued in 2016. With 2,880 students and nearly 300 full-time employees, more people than ever are studying and working at St. Pölten UAS. Last year's turnover also increased by a total of nine percent to 24.6 million euros.

The continuous growth of St. Pölten UAS has also made a future campus expansion necessary. The project "UAS-Campus of the Future" was further advanced in 2016 and together with a team of architects, the plans were concretised. By 2020, through an extension in combination with the existing building, an innovative model campus will emerge serving our strategic goals: "Best Place to Work" and "Best Place to Learn".