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Capturing data clouds

Platform for the collection of scattered information

Capturing data clouds
Copyright: St. Pölten UAS / Gernot Rottermanner

Information in companies is often widely dispersed. Employees must gather together what they need from cloud storage, intranet, databases, e-mail programmes, calendars and specific programmes. Together with Hewlett Packard Enterprise, St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences has developed a platform which is intended to gather together scattered information.

The project ALGIS (Allgemeingültige Lösung für Geschäfts-Informations-Systeme / Universal Solution for Business Information Systems) aims to bring an overview to the information jungle with a platform of the same name. Data from different storage systems on the Internet ("Cloud") should be made available on a single web interface. ALGIS subsequently enables the user to process and individually display the data at a central location. This should make modern office routine easier.

"We have co-developed a platform that clearly summarises all information from cloud storage, from dropbox, e-mails, scattered task systems, appointment calendars, etc.", explained Peter Judmaier, head of the project at St. Pölten UAS and Lecturer in the Department of Media and Digital Technologies. For this purpose, ALGIS provides a server on which the information is processed: it is stored in the individual separate systems.

Management of information

The project was commissioned and coordinated by Hewlett Packard Enterprise. St. Pölten UAS developed the visual design as well as the interaction concept for the platform and a mobile application. "It was an exciting task to be able to distinguish changes by users which should only be seen by they themselves, from those which should be visible to all users", said Judmaier.

ALGIS can be used by any web-based terminal device; a specially optimised smartphone variant is also supported. In addition, there is a Windows Desktop Client, which can also be used in the form of an Outlook plug-in.

The project ALGIS was supported by the Austrian Research Promotion Agency FFG. Project coordinator and partner company was Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

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