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Creative Summer

Creative Media Summer School 2016

Last week at St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences the 5th Creative Media Summer School took place. For students of St. Pölten UAS and other universities the central themes of this Summer Academy were: artistic practice, creative processes and theoretical reflections in the context of creative media technologies.

In the workshops participants were able to acquire basic skills or deepen their existing knowledge. Internationally renowned lecturers and docents of St. Pölten UAS offered a high-quality programme and up-to-date knowledge.

Internationally staffed workshops

The workshops were dedicated to the topics of: Digital Imaging Techniques (workshop director, Robert Trim, USA), Natural Environments with Maya Paint Effects (Martin Schinzel, Franz Schubert, Marina Kempf, A), Arduino Interactive (Christian Munk, A), Telling Stories with Data (Teresa Sposato, Wolfgang Aigner, Mario Zeller, A), Procedural Audio in Animation (Michael Iber, D, Patrick Lechner, A) and Mobile Interaction Design (Eva Potrusil, D).

"We can look back on five interesting and successful Summer Schools. External and internal participants come together in heterogeneous groups in which people with different personal backgrounds and different expertise work together and learn from each other. I am very pleased that we were also able to welcome seven international students from our partner universities this year", said Franz Fidler, director of the study programme Digital Media Technologies at St. Pölten UAS.

Statements by some workshop leaders

Robert Trim / Digital Image Techniques:

"My workshop for the Creative Media Summer School is a bit different than the other offers because it digs deep in the management of digital media assets that are created during video and audio productions. Digital media assets (video, audio and picture files) are very fragile and must be handled properly to insure they don’t get corrupted or lost. My course teaches students in the master programme how to avoid losing or damaging digital files and how to start a good career, offering some of the most technical services in the media career field.”

Christian Munk / Arduino Interactive:

"Interesting projects were designed in the Arduino Interactive Workshop also called a Physical-Computing-Platform with which one can build interactive installations, for example, a limbo-dance-bar and a camera trap which photographically recorded the moment at which a balloon burst".

Michael Iber / Procedural Audio in Animation:

"A steel ball thunders down a ball track. Once at the bottom, it causes a row of dominoes to fall. This is only the beginning of the strange animation of a chain reaction which the four students furnished with a new soundtrack (sometimes with a wink). With the still quite young method called "Procedural Audio": for the process of sonification, first the acoustic properties of a scene are replicated and subsequently the resulting models 'make music' in real time."

Eva Potrusil / Mobile Interaction Design:

"In the workshop Mobile Interaction Design, students in three teams each developed a mobile application from the idea to the visual design. After user interviews, they created rough concepts, which in succession with rapid prototyping and user testing were iteratively refined and optimized."

In the workshop "Natural Environments with Maya Paint Effects", natural environments were virtually designed and modelled; while in the workshop "Telling Stories with Data", animated infographics were created commissioned by the Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economics.

Creative Media Summer