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Extremism prevention through social work

Report on the Social Work Science Day at St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences

Extremism prevention through social work

The 3rd Social Work Science Day took place recently at St. Pölten UAS under the title "Extreme is not a must - political education and social work". At the conference, it was discussed how social work can be democratically and pedagogically active and how it can contribute to the prevention of extremism.

Speaking clearly

"We have to speak clearly about where we stand and how we as a profession can show help and demeanour”, said Eva Grigori, lecturer in the Department of Social Sciences at St. Pölten UAS. “Whether we see this extreme reality as a given or address it as a problem, we have to talk about it; social work has to bear a great responsibility here". 

On the Social Work Science Day, experts from research and practice reported on the competencies and methods available to social work and which ones they still need to develop in order to actively counteract misanthropic narratives and attitudes.

The Social Work Science Day is an event of the Ilse Arlt Institute for Social Inclusion Research in the Department of Social Sciences at St. Pölten UAS. It offers lectures, panel discussions and workshops for exchange between teachers, researchers, practitioners and interested parties as well as clients of social work.