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F.I.T. for Future European Researchers' Night 2014

On 26 September the UAS St. Pölten is going to provide insight for visitors to discover again astonishing research at the European Researchers’ Night.

The European Researchers’ Night is going to take place simultaneously in 300 European cities. This year, the contribution of the UAS St. Pölten is themed "F.I.T. for Future" presenting research projects in the Aula der Wissenschaften in Vienna.

At the European Researchers’ Night visitors are going to gain first hand experience how research, innovation and technology make them F.I.T. for the future.  A whole night long one can experience how researchers are already working on solutions for future challenges. 

Due to a recommendation of a jury the UAS St. Pölten was once again selected as the only institution in Austria to participate at the European Researchers’ Night on 26 September 2014. Here are some excerpts of the program:

F.I.T. with Researchers

Meeting researchers and discussing with them, getting in personal contact with researchers. Researchers explain in simple words their daily work.

F.I.T.ness Centre

In the project "Brelomate" IT-based communication as well as a didactic concept are to integrate elderly people in the world of smart phones, tablets and future communicative technologies. A prototype of a new device can be tested at the Researchers’ Night.

On top of that you can also experience how smart phones enable the controlling and timing of attractive and interactive installations for visitors and thus open up new perspectives in art or for commercial use.

F.I.T. for Timeshift?

Together with researchers pupils are working on projects for the future in the form of a time travel. The results are going to be presented in audio, visual and theatrical form at the Researchers’ Night.

F.I.T. for Art & Science

What science has to do with art can be seen in various shows: in a play about Marie Curie, Lise Meitner and Hedy Lamarr or in the Science Slam presenting a research project in only 3 minutes.

F.I.T. for Europe

Learn about the project Pitoti 3D: In this pan-European project prehistoric rock art is scanned in 3D, processed automatically, and analysed.

Find the detailed program under: http://www.fit-for-future.at/.

We look forward to your visit and wish you great fun and an exciting European Researchers’ Night 2014!