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Facets of IT-security

Conference IT-Security Community Xchange (IT-SECX) at St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences

Thomas Brandstetter at the IT-SecX

The annual conference IT-Security Community Xchange took place at the beginning of November at St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences. With the theme "Future Incident Response", the event devoted itself to contemporary and future methods for the clarification of security incidents as well as industrial security, human factors and crisis management related to IT-security.

Professionalization and exchange

In his keynote address, Thomas Schreck, Head of the Incident Response Team at Siemens CERT, spoke about special challenges in the response to IT-attacks known in technical jargon as Incident Response.

"The conference IT-Security Community Xchange is a platform that offers security-interested people the opportunity for a mutual exchange of information. At the conference, international security specialists spoke about current developments in this area", said Thomas Brandstetter, Lecturer in the Department of Computer Science and Security at St. Pölten UAS and organiser of the conference. More than 600 experts participated in this year's event.

Security of electricity grids and human factors

The conference also dealt with industry-related security issues, including among others, intelligent electricity grids (Smart Grids). Additional topics included: targeted attacks, state trojans, IT-security in app development, IT-attacks via anti-virus programmes or the radio-deactivation of alarm systems by intruders.

For participants who were interested in non-technical lectures, topics were presented in areas such as social engineering, (i.e. the human factor in IT-security) and crisis management in IT. The programme was rounded off with participatory workshops on self-testing of vulnerabilities or the EU Basic Data Protection Regulation.

IT-SeCX 2017 - Future Incident Response

Supported by the expert group UBIT of the Lower Austrian Economic Chamber and Computerworld.